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morning. and i do think like we had this morning, patchy areas of locally thick fog in the north bay valleys. into san francisco, during the day tomorrow, we'll see partly cloudy skies. and some cooler temperatures, i think, especially for the coast and around the peninsula with bigger changes lurking as we get back to the workweek. we'll be about some showers showing up in the seven-day forecast. dia diane? >>> and coming up, it was not all smooth sailing. one of team usa's boats capsized. you might be surprised what happened at the end of the race. >>> they lived up to their reputation once again. the blue angels took to the bay. if you missed it today, you still have a chance to see them. we'll explain coming up in a live report. ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us
it is impacting flights at our three local airports. >>> switching gears now. tonight they are sleeping and you cannot blame them. bochy said his team celebrated the world series championship into the wee hours of the morning and got in a plane and got home and when they arrived there was a hero's welcome at the ballpark. the real celebration is wednesday morning during the parade in downtown san francisco. it goes from the foot of market street near the ferry building all the way up market. gene is live in san francisco where giants fever is still raging. >> reporter: a lot of people have it. and the buses full of tired giants players are gone. the world series victory celebration continues and tonight giants fans are soaking up every joyous moment. hundreds of giants fans erupt in cheers when the team rolls into at&t park. >> i want to take pictures with all of them. >> reporter: the world series champion didn't disappoint. sandoval ran towards the crowd showing off the trophy. >> they earned this. >> reporter: romo finished the victory lap impressive those from san francisco. >> i have never
. but the problem is not going away. in every one involved, from family members to those killed, to local motorists and commuters, are affected. >> they have it in my mind -- what they look like, what they're wearing. >> reporter: lasting images left in the mind of local engineer. >> they end up getting themselves killed. and there is nothing you can do. >> reporter: during his 30 year career, he has witnessed ten people dying on california tr k tracks. >> you never stop thinking of it. >> reporter: it is the reality at the helm of a job, on a train, and they're not the only one impacted. take this cal-train wreck, a man hit and killed by a 200 ton train, halting service for nearly an hour. the federal railroad administration tracks accidents happening on interstate rail lines. since 2004, nearly 900 people have died in california. about a 7th of those happening in the bay area. and this year, there were more deaths in california than in any other state in the nation. >> i think it has more to do with the relationship of the population to the train tracks. >> reporter: that is david raglan, from t
-mail person is sparking bullying conversations all across local schools. you can hear from livingston tomorrow on "today," beginning at 7:00. >>> the life of the rich and famous? how about the rich and young. tonight, we meet internet entrepreneurs making it big in the silicon valley and enjoying the spoils that come with their high-tech success. >> how do they do it? >> reporter: even tickets to your favorite sports team. raking in millions in your 20s. this is the life of three guys who went from high school friends and menlo school in atherton, to the bleacher report. it's a media network serving a global audience. what the three calls a gaping hole in local coverage. >> it was really hard to find fresh content on a daily basis. >> reporter: so, in 2007, the three quit their desk jobs. >> none of us could code. none of us were traditional geeks. >> reporter: after just five years, the bleacher report has become the fourth-most visited sports site after espn, yahoo! sports and fox sports. >> every brand you can think of from gillette to chrysler to nike, they're advertising the bleacher repo
turned away because of his sexual orientati orientation. >> if you're gay, there's a problem. a local teenager is being turned away by one of the most well known clubs in america -- the boy scouts. he was on the verge of becoming an eagle scout but his sexual orientation and politics have blocked his dream. cheryl hurd has the details. >> reporter: that's right. this subject is very controversial. i talked to one young man tonight and he is an eagle scout and he says because of the subject, he's very disappointed. >> i can't imagine what he must be going through. >> reporter: he says he knows what it takes to be an eagle scout. he says he achieved that honor several years ago and he says finding out that ryan was denied the award because he's gay is a travesty. >> the tradition in boy scouts, even though i'm an atheist, it wasn't a problem for me. so the boy scouts need to conform. >> reporter: late thursday, the boy scouts released a statement saying -- >> reporter: his mother fought back through an organization called change.org. she started a petition, which now has over 112,000 su
covey cove. beating detroit is personal. >> i'm born and raised in san francisco. so, it's a local pride thing. >> reporter: fans are taking pride in their players. pablo, the panda sandoval is the top request. >> hitting three home runs yesterday. >> reporter: now, all about a team effort on the road in detroit. but not everyone is looking for a four-game sweep. >> giants in six. they'll come back here. they'll win it in front of the fans. they didn't do it in 2010. >> reporter: wherever they win, giants fans are counting on enjoying that moment. i talked to a lot of giants fans tonight, with big dreams about going to detroit. we'll have to see how much orange and black shows up at the stands in michigan. >>> not only was tonight filled with suspension. it was filled with inspiration. bryan stow was at the game. the giants welcomed stow and his family, with a brief message on the scoreboard. he did not want to have a ceremony or a special occasion. >> like the magical run in 2010, this time around, things are working out perfectly for this team. the giants will meet tomorrow morning and
this and akilometer datd passengers days ago. >> a local rescue team will take off to the east coast tomorrow to take the lead in rescue operations related to hurricane sandy. the 129th rescue wing will be sending c-130 aircrafts with two specialized air rescue team and helicopter as well. they will most likely focus their efforts in north carolina. >> once the hurricane begins to settle in to the east coast, we will send forces where need be. so the helicopters can go to one location, the guardian angel para rescue forces, the swift water rescue forces can go to another. >> reporter: we're told that rescue wing will oversee all other agencies at the rescue site. it is one three rescue outfits of its dmiend the country. >>> right now we want to check in on the weather situation on the east coast, as well as here. this is serious business what is going on in the east coast. >> in the next 24 hours we will see the storm crossing the coast looks like the atlantic coast of new jersey. winds sustained at 75 miles an hour. for now we are talking about a category one hurricane a tropical system. as it moves
scouts. it's great to hear all their stories and have them tell me they look up to me. >> the local chapter sent us a statement saying in part, the boy scouts of america does not allow gays or atheists. >>> looking for chunks that fell from the sky? you're not alone. some stargazers are looking for evidence of the streaking fireball that lit up the sky last night. jodi hernandez takes us on a meteor hunt. >> i look, whether or not i find it and get to keep, it's still the adventure of finding it, and the adventure of learning about it. >> raymond spent the afternoon scouring the hills of martinez, looking for signs of last night's meteorite. he found a pile of rocks that piqued his interest. not exactly an extra treterrest jackpot. everyone who saw it was left in awe. >> it was spectacular. one of the brightest things i've ever seen in the sky. >> it looked like the trajectory was going to take it over toward fairfield. >> we think it may have landed in the martinez hills. >> the space center astronomy teacher speculates the meteorite may have landed near martinez. others say it pro
the world series on so they wouldn't miss a thing. they say it's great to see a local boy make good. >> he has been hitting even better. >> his parents have been season ticket holders for many, many years. now they get to see their son play on the giants. >> i think it inspires every young little boy who is a baseball player that the dream can come true for him, too. >> a grand slam homer. >> reporter: tonight, crawford had an rbi single in the second inning, giving the giants a 2-0 lead which was actually the final score 2-0. his parents and his three sisters were all there to see it in detroit for the world series. live in pleasanton, kimberly tere. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> the champagne is on ice. no team has ever recovered from a three games to nothing deficit in world series history. the two runs in the second inning and that is all they ended up needing. final score, 2-0. the giants will go for a series sweep tomorrow night. and jamie sire, comcast sportsnet has more on the big victory. >> reporter: for all the time the giants spent playing catch-up in the first part of t
, a local official charging taxpayers for the appearances? why he is costing the taxpayers even more. >>> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. record setting heat gripping a lot of the bay area and it looks like the temperatures will be 105 to 91. we'll stay hot for your tuesday. wee let you know about the next chance of showers. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ >>> they're prepping, coaching and studying for debate number one. president obama and mitt romney getting ready for wednesday night's face-off. it takes place in denver. both men facing challenges. neither is known for being a stellar debater. aides say the president doesn't like to talk in sound bites and can come off as patronizing. romney's advisers say he can sound out of touch with the voters. the topic this time is domestic policy ask the moderator is news hour host jim lehrer. >>> a victim of the aurora theater shoo
local safeway store. . >>> afghan defense officials are calling ate misunderstanding. tonight five people are dead, including an american soldier and an american contractor after a fire fight between u.s. force and their afghan army allies. the afghan soldier reported think walked up to a group of unsuspected troops, exchanged a few words and opened fire. u.s. forces then shot back. nato has not said whether it considers it an inside attack at this point. the number of troops killed since the u.s.-led invasion in 2001 is now exactly 2,000. >>> the first presidential debate of the campaign is in three days. today, both parties were trying to lower expectations, which is typical. what wasn't typical today is what anne romney had to say about her husband and her concerns if he becomes president. nbc bay area's kristin walker has the latest. >> reporter: with four mock debates under his bet, the president will rally supporters in nevada before jumping in to the debate preps ring with senator john kerry, his sparring partner, channelling mitt romney. in an iowa poll out today, president
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11